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Five hours, that is how far away I am from my son who is graduating from WTSAMU this Spring. I need some really meaningful graduation pictures. He is my only child and this will happen once. No word of mouth, only web sites to shop and prayer led me to Jacque Green Photography. Right away, upon meeting her, I knew that this was the perfect choice. Jacque has a warmth and eye for emotion that comes through in her photos. Our pictures are way above expectation and the price is very reasonable. But something that means more than price is trust. I trusted that she would do my son justice and show his passion for college and that came thru on our pictures. I’d say that God answered that prayer, absolutely. I highly recommend JGreen Photography for your Photo needs.Carolyn Rosson

Your photography is amazing! So real and true to the moment it was taken. You have a gift of capturing children's personalities even when they are not wanting you to. Patience and love are always visible in you! Keep up the great and meaningful work you are doing! ~ST

Hello! I am so glad that you are blessed w/this talent. I think you rock! You are exactly what I like about photography: creativity, "realness", and catching those single moments that make you feel all the emotions you felt that exact second.-E,